I recently had permanent eyeliner done and I was very satisfied with the result, today I had microblading done on eyebrows and I am also impressed with this. Thais is highly recommended because of her professional approach. She works extremely perfectly and hygienically, which I appreciate very much. She is also a very sweet and friendly lady who does everything possible to let you go home with a very good and satisfied feeling. Thank you Thais!
Sabine Luykx
A very professional, competent lady with a very sensitive eye for beauty, symmetry and detail. Highly recommended. I am super happy with my eyebrows. Thank you Thais, for your wonderful, fine work!!!
I'm a bit older. My eyebrows gradually disappeared. After some hesitation, I ended up at Thais. What perfection, what patience. I have perfect, natural eyebrows again. Done with a pre-drawing with black pencil… Big thanks Thais, it was very nice by you too!
Margriet Swusten
Just returned home from a visit to Thais. She gave me new full (diva) eyebrows. Get rid of those thin lines I thought. And the result is beautiful. She is very sweet, and she radiates calm, so that you immediately feel at ease with her. This was a very pleasant meeting and for me certainly the right choice to have my eyebrows done by her. Highly recommended for anyone who is thinking about applying microblading. Toppertje!
Sandra Werelds
Hello Girls! I came here to tell you that I had my eyebrows made and they look wonderful. If you are thinking of doing it but you are afraid of, I recommend THAIS.
Hi Thais, it was great, I loved it. I’m already advertising you, I only get compliments, your work was perfect.
Cibeli Cabral
I had already done before two times permanent makeup with other professionals, but this time Thais made my eyebrows look perfect with the hair stroke technic, and besides I did not feel any pain as I did previously, I recommend to all those who want to make sure that they do not waste time and they can do without fear because the result is fantastic, congratulations Thais for your outstanding work!
Silvana Regina Guedes
Thais Siera I loved your work !!!! I was afraid of the result, and even about the pain, but with your confidence and professionalism I felt easy and courage to do so, and finally I LOVED the result !!! I thought it would hurt but once again you surprised me, I slept (I snored) and woke up beautiful!! You are an excellent professional!! You have the gift of doing what you do!! Thank you so much!!!!
Yun Yun Wei
I loved it ….. It made my eyebrows pefect everyone complimented me!
Hi, Thais! I loved your work, congratulations! I recommend to everybody who are afraid to do so, Thais is very delicate and very detailed, beside she respect very much our opinion! Super recommend!
I was overjoyed with my eyebrows retouched last Friday. The new technique really made a big difference. Congratulations on choosing to specialize abroad! 100% Dedication!
Suely Nogueira da Rocha
I loved the work that Thais did on my eyebrows! It’s clear, natural and I’m getting a lot of compliments. “It does very well for self-esteem”
Hi everyone, I can guarantee and recommend with all the certainty of the world Thais, a super professional and dedicated person with the work that she does. You can be relax because there is no pain, it is only happiness I did and I recommend it to anyone who asks me. Thank you Thais … bjs
Vanessa Rodrigues
My first contact with Thais Siera was through the facebook. I was full of hope seeing the photos of her work published in her page, so I ran to schedule a time with her. I confess that I was VERY afraid, because I had not found in this region where I live such a professional person. Anyway, Thais you surpassed my expectations, your hands are magic! Very detail-oriented, self-confident and competent left my eyebrow like no one else, her work is high quality and she likes what she does! I’m feeling BEAUTIFUL, thank you from my heart !!!
Charlene do Nascimento
I loved the work she has done on my eyebrows, very cool indeed!!! It did not hurt! I’m impressed! Not to mention the delicacy and attention of Thais! Highly recommend!! Work with excellent quality!! Thank you!
I made my eyebrows with Thais Siera and now I can not stop looking at myself in the mirror. I LOVE MY NEW EYEBROWS. I had my eyebrows made with the traditional method by another professional five years ago who ended up making solid squares, with the wrong shape and color, they were horrible … and thanks goodness they faded with time. I’m so glad I found Thais. She is very good professional and knowledgeable. I felt like I had known her for years. She listened to all my worries and answered all my questions. My friends and family are amazed at the beauty of my eyebrows. Do not go to anyone else… Thais is your girl!!
Ana Cristina Borges
I made my final eyebrow with this wonderful professional and I’m delighted, I loved it, it is so natural and everyone asks about my eyebrows. It was simply marvelous! Not to mention that Thais is a professional very detail-oriented and super nice. I loved her work!
Ellen 2
I made the definitive eyebrows, it was very good, I’m very satisfied, she is very good professional and a sweet person. Kiss!
Claudete de Fátima
one by one. A fantastic work. You are a beast and extremely competent. bjs in your heart After more than 10 years of depression, due to a poorly made eyebrow, I researched a lot and found Thais Siera, a very skilled and experienced eyebrow specialist. She began to do a long work of depigmentation, in total was more than 6 sessions until she was able to remove almost all the old one, only then she did again, what I classify as diva eyebrows, she used the method that only she knows here in our city, hairstroke, where she draws the hairs
Andréia de Oliveira
I’ve done the eyebrow definitive several times ….. And I confess I have being disappointed, many times…. Besides feeling pains, the shapes did not correspond with what I wanted …. And the color, faded, already in the following month ,,, even taking all necessary care ….. Now yes !!!!!!!! I found the professional that every woman dreams about …. understanding, attentive, respect our will and tries to please us the best possible ……. their specializations surprised me ….. you feel respected by being in contact with her ….. a nice person, perfectionist and very patient …… THIS IS THAIS SIERA … WE’LL STILL HEAR THAT NAME …. WHAT A PRIVILEGE TO HAVE PAINLESS EYEBROWS AND THE SHAPE I DESIRED … AFTER ALL, WHICH WOMAN DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE A BETTER EXPRESSION AND LOOKING AND STILL LOOKS NATURAL ??? OBRIDAGA THAIS SIERA
I needed a change, and the permanent makeup was the best choice for me. Thanks God I found a professional very talented, my eyebrows and my eyes are perfect, very natural, one super kiss Thais !!!!
I loved it!!! Her work is an art, and besides being a professional, attentive and perfectionist, she did it perfectly!!!! A lovely person!!! The best micropigmentation job I’ve ever seen !!! It’s impressive!!! I am so thankful, because I have always had many problems with my eyebrows!!! I loved it!!!
I made my eyebrows with Thais Siera, nobody believed, but I slept while she did, she is delicate, sweet and transmits so much peace that it seemed more like a relaxing therapy ….. Completely painless ….. I loved it! My eyebrows are amazing! Kisses
Ligia Zambello
My eyebrows inexplicably began to fall out, later i have learned that it was a common reaction of stress, until I had almost no eyebrows. As is easy to understand, this situation made me feel quite uncomfortable and distressed! After realizing that It was in an irreversible situation and that I was not going to have eyebrows again, I researched texts and articles about the technique of micropigmentation hairstroke because it seemed to me this was a technique with more natural results. Fortunately I found Thais website and i was impressed with the before and after pictures that she had published, after the treatment people had perfect and natural eyebrows! Then i decided to contact her and have it done by her. I am absolutely satisfied, Thais is an excellent professional, perfectionist and careful. Thank you Thais, well done!
Mónica Rodrigues
I loved the result, now I wake up ready like the soap opera artists. Thais is meticulous, perfectionist however always respects our opinion. With the permanent makeup my face has totally changed because I did not have many hairs on my eyebrow before .
Thais is a beautiful person, calm, perfectionist, cautious, after knowing her I felt a lot of confidence. Thank you so much dear friend!
Vera Lucia
A long time ago I suffer with my eyebrows. But when I first saw Thais´s work I was in loved. A wonderful person, an excellent professional. Changed my life with your precious work. Really, it is like a therapy. I left her clinic happy and relaxed. Congratulations God bless you..
I always wanted to have a permanent eyebrow, but I was very scared, because I’ve seen some people who did and they were strange … I decided to do with Thaís, I had not seen any work from her, just comment from a friend who knew someone who had done with her. I am very pleased, and my friends loved it. Thais is very detail-oriented and focused, that makes all the difference …
Rita de Cássia Ribeiro
I made my eyebrows with Thais on Thursday, I really liked the result, besides being a very beautiful person, she is detail-oriented and the hairs she draws look like real hairs! Blessed hands! She really likes what she does! Thank you!!!
Rose Maria
Thais is the perfect choice for you, I admit hesitate about the procedure at the start, but after meeting her and seeing her work, all my fears were gone. She is really an artist and her work is impeccable. Thais I feel very happy to have found you, what a shame I have not found her before!
Silvana Motta Correa
I’m Asian, and so i have very naked eyebrows … only half..rsrs … for some time I thought about making the definitive, but I always had mistrust and fear of hurting … I did with Thais … she is an excellent professional, very attentive … Loved her job!!! Thank you so much … thousand bjs …