Thais Siera has worked in the field of cosmetic dermatology since 2010 and has a real passion for the work she does. She aims to achieve the total satisfaction of each patient by maximising the aesthetic potential of the techniques available while ensuring the most natural and subtle outcome. “The satisfaction of my patients makes the hard work and dedication worth every minute.”

Thais has a unique artistic gift that was discovered at an early age by family and friends who wanted to have their eyebrows design done by her. Even prior to her specializations she already had a sharp eye for designing shapes that would fit on a face, understanding the individual facial symmetry. Courses and further specializations enhanced that gift. She acquired her first certifications in Brazil and further expanded her knowledge abroad. She studied in England, specialized in the Netherlands and constantly participates in major international events in the field of permanent makeup. These events allow her to keep updating her knowledge and maintain relations with the very best in the field.

She has gathered a large amount of knowledge in the application of colour, design symmetry and hair stroke application precision, all of which improve and restore the beauty and youth desired by the patient. She works in a professional environment using sterile and disposable equipment, a digital machine and high quality pigments developed by permanent makeup companies specifically designed for secure and rich application.

“Making permanent eyebrows changes a person´s face. Creating the right design is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my work.”

Satisfied customers

I recently had permanent eyeliner done and I was very satisfied with the result, today I had microblading done on eyebrows and I am also impressed with this. Thais is highly recommended because of her professional approach. She works extremely perfectly and hygienically, which I appreciate very much. She is also a very sweet and friendly lady who does everything possible to let you go home with a very good and satisfied feeling. Thank you Thais!
Sabine Luykx
A very professional, competent lady with a very sensitive eye for beauty, symmetry and detail. Highly recommended. I am super happy with my eyebrows. Thank you Thais, for your wonderful, fine work!!!
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