Fillers without needles

Fillers Without Needles is an innovation of Hyaluronic Acid Filler infusion into the epidermal and upper dermal layers of the skin without traditional needles or injections. Ideal for clients that are frightened or uncomfortable with needles, this is less invasive treatment, and allows clients to plump and fill their lips, fine lines and wrinkles.

What is Hyaluronic Acid (HA)?

It is a natural sugar found in the human body, hyaluronic acid is the most hydrating substance in the world. Its function is to attract water and keep skin hydrated, plump and youthful. 1 molecule of HA can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. As we age, the body decreases the amount of Hyaluronic Acid and collagen fibers. They dry up and become thinner, resulting in loss of hydration and elasticity. This causes skin to sag and wrinkles to form. By adding hyaluronic acid into the skin we revive the collagen and promote a fresher, plumper effect.

How does it work?

This new technology uses a tool called the Hyaluron Pen, which infuses Hyaluronic Acid into the lips using pressure instead of needles.
The hyaluron pen is only recently being used for aesthetic purposes. It has long been utilized by medical professionals to treat patients with diabetes. Originally, the pen was invented in order to deliver insulin into the body in the safest and most efficient way. The pen operates with a “pressure technology” or some call it a “spring” system. The Hyaluronic Acid, launched with a single press, coming out of a small tube (no needles!), which then quickly penetrates your skin.

Needles VS No Needles. Which one is better for me?

It is understood among injectable professionals that the effectiveness of hyaluron pen compared to traditional needle injections is still very different. The delivery of fillers through needle allows the practitioner to be very precise about the quantity and location to be inserted. Injections with HA Pen last only up to 7 months, which is why these services may be less costly. Whereas traditional lip filler injections with a needle last from 6 months to 2 years, so you don’t have to inject as often. The other downside to the Hyaluronic pen is that you can only use fillers that has thinner gel consistency, because the pen was designed to administer insulin to diabetic patients, therefore only thin consistency substances can go through the tiny hole from the tube and enter the skin without needle. As a result, the hyaluron pen may not achieve the full desired plump shape that existing injectable services can offer. Making this treatment most suitable for filling fine lines and wrinkles around mouth area, and for those who want a subtle lip enhancement or correct any imbalance of their lip shape. Injectable Dermal filler on the other hand can be injected onto all aspects of the face, for shape and contour. Firmer fillers can be used to construct shape for example on the cheeks, jaw, nose and vermillion border. Injectable fillers are most suited for more intricate work to create more structure if you want to change your natural features shape this is a better option for you.